Why is Bipolar Disorder very common in India?

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While pollution, corruption and poverty are major issues, there are still some issues arising in this country which we call as country of colors, cultures, religions and festivals. People are continuously suffering and the sufferings keep on increasing with days whether it be the breathing problems, financial crisis, etc.

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People not only suffer from physical related disorders but also psychological ones. And mostly the psychological disorders are more dangerous and harmful than physical as they not only affect the individual but his relations and the people around him are also severely affected by its outcomes. You must have heard about Mental Illness where the patient does crazy things and acts like a wild animal or Withdrawal Syndrome where the addicted person is when kept away from addiction, gets uneasy and even turns violent sometimes. Well no, Bipolar Disorder is none of such but has similar consequences.

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A mental condition, previously known as Manic Depression, when a patient’s mood elevates abnormally. They experience periods of depression during that. The elevated mood is easily identified and called as  mania or Hypomania . During mania, an individual behaves or feels abnormally energetic, happy, or irritable. The irritation leads to violence if not controlled. During depression, they may be crying, closeted in one room whole day and usually have a negative perspective for life and sometimes even cut human contacts in some cases. Their depression may vary from mild to moderate to severe and that’s why it is dangerous.

The causes are not clearly understood, but both environmental and genetic factors play a role.


Unusual mood swings including from being hyperactive and joyful to super depressed and isolated.



If we don’t include the genetic condition the only thing that remains is biological one which is responsible for this mental disorder. There is an immense rat race going on India that hardly anybody is able to live properly. The competition is getting more and more tough, the costs of resources are uprising and many more things to be concerned about for a middle-class man (average/maximum number of Indians) in here.

More than 10 million cases per year (India).

Some of these things include :-

  • Competitive exams like medical/engineering entrance exams, govt. exams, etc, cause depression to the aspirants who continuously get failures. The main cause of depression for the aspirants is peer pressure and the family pressure that triggers the suicide button inside the student.
  • Chasing contentment. People keep running for better jobs, better savings and better possessions that they set aside their health and end up having mental constraints.
  • Poor society and environment. Not even poor people have poor society, here it means by society where low-minded and criticizers live. Such people are everywhere and can never see the other person growing or progressing in his life.
  • Lack of good assistance. When a person has bipolar disorder, almost everyone neglects him and isolates him from among them. Since the consequences are quite harmful and the family is most affected so they also refuse to help the person and think that the person is doing all that for purpose.
  • Social pressure. Yes, social pressure but not the people. This comprises of the things happening in country that affect every common citizen. Things like new rules proposed by government that may be violating many people’s livelihood (e.g. demonetization), bad guidance in public cases that remain unsolved and leave the victims in depression, longing to live like the better person around them and not believing themselves is also seen in abundance here.
  • Suggested reading: If you skip your breakfast then read the whole story.



Diagnosis is simply done by a professional psychiatrist – a medically qualified mental health specialist. If the person has above cited symptoms then he’s diagnosed to have bipolar disorder. The psychiatrist asks few questions like ‘how do they feel leading up to elevated moods or tenses situations when they feel depressed?’.

Consequences are quite significant and dangerous as the person attempts suicide sometimes in a very unexpected harmful ways. They begin to keep themselves isolated in a single room all day, don’t talk normally to people in severe cases and do harmful things to themselves when they’re alone. During Mania , they act like the happiest person and do weird acts. Sometimes the irritation caused by mania increases this much that they feel anxiety or act violent. The risk of suicide among those with the illness is high at greater than 6 percent over 20 years, while self-harm occurs in 30–40 percent.

Suggested reading: If you skip your breakfast then read the whole story.

Treatment includes medication and therapies. Therapies are – Support group availability, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Family and Psychotherapy.

For supportive care, provide hospitalization. The specialists for the treatment are Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist and Primary Care Providers (e.g. family or guardian).

In last, I’d say don’t ignore if a person around you shows offbeat nature or experiences depression. Bring out hands together, gather support and give love to each other. Never criticize anyone because you might don’t know what the other person is going through. Keep patience and stay calm around the victim not letting him get any chances of self harm or irritation. Tell them to meditate regularly as well that will provide sufficient oxygen to their brains giving enough space to feel lightened.

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‘Illnesses of the Mind can be more difficult to understand and treat. The pain a mentally ill patient goes through is comparable to that of one suffering from an acute, incurable physical illness.’
Dr.David Burns- Feeling Good

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