Hottest Fashion Trends For Men (Mid-2019)

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The technology is evolving, so does the lifestyle of people around you. We see that food categories have improved and many new of them have developed as well. Just like that clothing has taken many steps forward. Even something new is seen every month/week/day. Social media is buffed with brands advertising their apparels or accessories and models promoting these brands. You can’t imagine your life eating one type of food for one whole year or one whole month. Also how can you imagine your life in a single category of clothing, like if you used to wear formal pants and plain shirts then why would you wear the same throughout your life? That’s right I want to talk about fashion trends here. Are you conservative kinda person who resists trends or a liberal kind who loves every new trend that comes in way? Let’s see. Well whoever you are I’ll show you some trends that you will definitely love to adopt as a man.


  1. Versace printed replica shirts : If you’re currently thinking about those royal golden patterns printed shirts then, yeah, you got me. That’s right. These shirts are so stunning that you can’t move your eyes off them. The golden patterns are the heartbeat including the fabric of these shirts that makes it a comfort wear. Original Versace may cost you 25-30K per shirt (starting price) that’s why I stated ‘replicas’.
  2. Collar-less shirts : I am telling you these shirts will rule over other shirt designs in future. Along with comfort in wearing and the approach of ‘no collar’, these shirts are all-rounders. You can wear them with coats, blazer, tuxedo or just solo. They give a cool aura to the person who sees you wearing it. Many people don’t consider it as trend because this has come in action for few years already but recent reports show that many people who didn’t wear this, have also started wearing it because of its comfort.
  3. Polos : Yes, the polos. The very casual and plain tees that older men wear. Actually no, I do think that this trend will be hottest once it comes in operation. Believe it or not these tees are the coolest of all time. Not just comfortable to wear both outdoors and indoors but also stylish. Why would anyone call these things stylish? Uhmm yeah, these really are stylish if you grab cool colors from store. And did I forget to mention that these are for every age. From kids to teens to adults to old people, everyone will look super cool in them.


  1. Slim and skinny pants : Pants not jeans! Slim pants are not just meant to be with formals but anyone can wear them at any occasion e.g. parties, hangouts, etc. Correct, you cannot wear them at picnic or outdoors because, of course, these are not much flexible. For that you should go for slim joggers that are quite limber. These pants give a dapper look to the individual that turns him gentleman too.
  2. Ripped Jeans : These have already been in trends, ikr. But there still are lot more designs of ripped jeans to discover and try. If you haven’t tried one then just go for it. Duo these with cool hypebeast jackets or tees and rock the looks. Not just stylish but also good to try once for sure.
  3. Track Pants : Just like joggers or trousers, these are also casual bottom wear for men. Highly comfortable and aesthetic wear for every place. More frequently seen nowadays, these pants are being loved by fashion lovers.  


  1. Side Taping : You might not identify what is this but you must have seen this.  Side taping means lines(1-2) or words running alongside your arms and legs (Demonstrated down). This one is my favorite as this has just arrived in market and already shook the trend lovers. The varieties in side taping is the reason of its importance in trending. Side taping is seen with both tops and bottoms.
  2. Dungaree : I am not sure about your taste or choice but this is something you’ll reject at first. Then you will begin to love it when you will know different methods to wear this. Immensely fashionable this all-rounder is perfect for you to have a boy-ish look, that too a chocolate boy look. 


  1. Earrings : Earrings for men are very valid now. Every second or third male wears an earring be it ring shaped, studs, k-pop kind or heavy earrings. Earrings are a must to have a unique look. These are surely hated by parents (lol though!) but still if you try wearing it in one of pinna ear then you will still have a voguish aura. Single earring affects very much and touch ups the look.
  2. Stylish rings : You might not like jewellery much or at all. But rings do have many kinds that are for everyone, also you’ll love them. They capture the attention of people to your hands and make you look very attractive. Rings show what kind of personality you hold.
  3. Bands : You must be thinking about kids/boys wearing bands in the wrists. But why not men? You know bands also have varieties and not only kids love bands but men do love them too. This might not be assumed as a trend but this truly is a trend that you got to adopt in order to stand out in a crowd. Bands are generally made up of rubber, beads, threads, metal, fiber, etc.

So these are few fashion trends for every man/boy that you’ll definitely love to follow. Well well well, my dear friend you know that fashion does matter a lot if you need to improve your personality. You deserve to invest in you and live better.

Be a lone wolf instead of a sheep.

Also yeah, be fashionable and sometimes trendy. This works! Oh my buddy! life is huge. Adopting trends doesn’t mean you’re violating the fashion sense of yours instead it is like breaking the stereotypes related to fashion in people’s mind. Enjoy the varieties because life is all about experimenting. Keep enhancing the lifestyle and see your life elevating at a higher pace.

Let me know below in the comments which trend have you already adopt or which one do you love the most?

Feedbacks are most welcome. 🙂 

2 thoughts on “Hottest Fashion Trends For Men (Mid-2019)

  1. Rhipped jeans , joggers , earings and bands…
    These are the things which I have already adopted.
    Among these which I Love the most is CoLLar Less Shirts..❤

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