About Global Warming – Must Read This!

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As you see the rising temperature is a great change we’re confronting these days that has notorious effects on whole biodiversity. High temperature during summers is not so normal anymore as it has reached 50 ºC in India that has broken all the earlier records of maximum temperature. Last year the record was almost 45+ in India. And this might reach 60 ºC next year and will keep on increasing per year or may be per month during summers. You must be thinking if why the temperature has continued to elevate by every year and how to stop this from increasing anymore.

Well why would you even need to resolve this environmental issue as you would have an A.C./Cooler at home. Right? You might have a refrigerator to chill and conserve the food and beverages. Why would you need to think about the increase in temperature? Well, don’t get offended please. I know you’re reading this because you want to know about Global Warming but this is also obligatory to know how it is related to human lives! 

You might want to resolve this issue because you face high temperature when you go outdoors even if you have a good A.C./Cooler or refrigerators at home. Also you want to protect your skin from it. Isn’t it? 

Anyways let’s get back to the point and read below the true causes of this very remarkable uprising environmental problem.


  • Green House Effect : Greenhouse Gases (ozone, carbon dioxide, methane, hydrofluorocarbons/HFCs and nitrous oxide) radiate energy everywhere and some part of it remains at surface that upbrings the temperature throughout the surface.
  • Deforestation : Since transpiration process occurring in trees releases moisture in the air and that lowers the temperature but continuous deforestation is leading to reduce the number of forests (tropical rainforests are more likely to be targeted) and, thus, trees. Trees are not only cut down for essential purposes (shelter, medicine, food resources, stationery) but also for those purposes too that are not useful at all. There are many such purposes e.g. industrialization.
  • Industrialization : Yes, industrialization itself is a major cause of ‘global warming’. How? Answer is simple – Industries also produce greenhouse gases as a by product of few processes and that is released in the atmosphere that eventually rises the temperature and causing other environmental issues too like acid rain, air pollution and resources exploitation. (Read more : Environmental Impacts of Industrialization )
  • Electrical Appliances : *cough* A.C. *cough*  Electrical appliances play a major role in global warming as well. You might have known about this. Appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, etc release CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) that reacts destructively with Ozone gas and cause the depletion of Ozone layer that lets the harmful sun rays into the atmosphere. Yeah, exactly, harmful sun rays that brings skin problems when touched by your skin. So imperatively your own household appliances are the reason of your skin problem if we think deeply about it. Ain’t I right? What if the most harmful sun rays get in the earth’s atmosphere?
  • Overuse and Production of Electricity : In India or around the corners of the earth, almost 30% of electricity produced goes wasted. In year 2015, only 44% of the total energy (1,208 KWh) was accounted as consumed and the remaining got wasted i.e. around 676 KWh go wasted. The reason is not-so-big but is just a casual mistake done by every citizen which is using electricity where it’s not needed. But how does this cause rise in temperature? Well, if you will use more electricity without any proper purpose, the industries will also have to produce more electricity whose process releases greenhouse gases too. And now you already know what do greenhouse gases do to the earth. 


You must have heard about people quoting all around social media –

Plant trees. Save lives!

Here I am about to talk in contrast to none other than Plantation itself. Planting trees has more than one hundred benefits that you can’t even imagine. They not only give free oxygen to atmosphere but also water vapors by their leaves via transpiration process that includes release of water in gaseous form into the environment. This effectively lower down the temperature and prevents air pollution too. Quite simple though but still nobody puts their concern over this. 

Not just planting trees, even if you switch off your fans/lights while not in use then this will lower the temperature too. The electricity would then be less wasted and less produced in future according to the necessities only. Actually this will also provide supply to those villages or residencies where they live in dark and hot places without electricity. How cool your this choice can be!?

If you want more options to help prevent global warming, then don’t use the appliances that liberate CFCs into the atmosphere or just take minimal use from them. I am not saying just stop using them completely but lessen the time of their usage. Like you can use coolers instead of air conditioners or switch off your A.C. when not being in room.

And just like reducing power waste, reduce water waste too. You already know what I mean by water waste, the amount of which water many of you use up everyday that’s not needed. This is very efficient because treating the water to reach us takes huge amount of energy and that includes carbon processing. If water is conserved, water treatment will be minimized and that will prevent carbon pollution. Carbon pollution includes those carbon gases that come into the list of greenhouse gases which increase the surface temperature on release into the air.

More likely, if you just use less-polluting appliances and save natural resources more that will reduce upto 100,000+ tons of global warming pollution occurring throughout the earth.

See, you can yourself retain the normal temperature throughout the earth and survive longer!

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