Is Bollywood overrated or underrated?

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From Munni to Sheila, girls are being infamous via Bollywood in the world. We gather together, switch ON the T.V. and eat popcorn while watching illogical action and systematic romantic stuff featuring on the screen. What’s worse is we don’t even have a clue about the actual message the film tries to convey. How blinded have Indians become since the last decade? Do your parents know what impact the bolly movies could have on their and their kids’ mental health? Yes, you heard me right. It impacts your mental health. Rare are the cases when a person is so motivated by any Bollywood movie that they immediately go to work on their aims. Yes. This happens too.

On one hand, where Indian cinema is known to give colorful and varieties of films, it is also equally responsible to influence the population to move onto the wrong path of life. Curious to know why and how Bollywood is modifying your way of thinking without you knowing about it?

Sure, I will give answers to your every curiosity down here. Keep sticking to this as you do with avengers’ movies or Netflix series. All of your thoughts about movies and Indian cinema are going to be presented here. And do nod once whenever you read something here that approves your opinion.

What is changed from 2009 to 2019 in the motion pictures industry of India?

I was born when this industry had started on its way to exponential growth and progress in any field, i.e. in 2000.

Here, now, recall the days of Govinda’s slices of life – ‘Hadh Kar Di Aapne’, ‘Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hai’, ‘Joru Ka Gulam’, Hrithik Roshan’s superhit romance – ‘Kaho Na Pyar Hai’ and the unforgettable love triangle plotted – ‘Dhadkan’ (oh my my. I love the songs from this one) 

Wait, wait, wait. Don’t forget to remember the iconic “Bichhoo” starring Bobby Deol and Rani Mukherjee that has a nice plot (personal opinion). I mean you can’t miss the chance of watching a rude person falling in love with and protecting a clumsy girl. Right? The movie held the most authentic form of gangster love story, I can bet that.

If only you watched any of these, you can see how much has changed till now. Nowhere in the whole film could be seen as a single scene where you catch the meaning of it. Or can you? Can you tell me what did you feel when you watched “Housefull 1/2/3/4…. (blah blah)” or when you watched “Judwaa 2” starring Varun Dhawan? I am eager to know your opinion on Varun Dhawan movies for sure. For that, you can just drop a comment below this article. 

Coming to the point here. See, a lot has changed. The humor has degraded a lot in this decade. Where we could easily crack on silliness on Govinda once, now we can’t either feel like giggling a bit or laughing at even the most hilarious part of comedies (if you call it hilarious). We read the genre first and then watch anything to react appropriately during the movie while sitting with our friends or family. It has become normal now to laugh in the wrong situations and cry when it’s not needed to. Most of you grab a movie and put it on the screen just out of boredom while you realize it’s not going to make good use of your time. Let aside Netflix, Amazon Prime and other such platforms for now (I know these need mention but here we have place only for ‘dear Bollywood’ gossips. Sorry). You can’t choose a movie to watch these days. You just go to the theatre and watch it or may I correct, sit through the whole duration of a movie. People go to theatres to post stories, Yes, just stories and statuses. Movies like Kesari, Sanju and Super 30 got the attention they deserved(talking about one hell of a year ‘2019’).

Objection here Mi’ Lord!

Yes, proceed Mr. Rohan –

I want to talk about amazing pieces like “The Tashkent Files – a documentary on the mysterious death of India’s 2nd P.M. ‘Lal Bahadur Shastri Ji'”, “Saand Ki Aankh – feminist movie on women empowerment especially rural living women”, “Manikarnika – heart wrecking story of the great queen Laxmibai”, “Mission Mangal – how a group of scientist fight every ties both in professional and personal fields to work on their one motive which is the Mars Orbiter Mission”, “Uri: the surgical strike – extraordinarily brave Major Vihaan Singh Shergill of the Indian Army leads a furtive operation against a group of militants who attacked a base in Uri, Kashmir, in 2016 and killed many soldiers (accurate info taken from sources)”.

Is anybody even talking about these masterpieces released this year rather than bluffing about how Kabir Singh tossed his cigarette in the entry scene? Leave this. I would not even wish to ever talk about this movie ‘Kabir Singh’.  Now, don’t come to me with rods in your hands saying – don’t you dare criticize my baby Kabir Singh.     

Hey hey hey, relax buddy!

If you look back to the portfolio of Bollywood that it has created for you, you may easily grab the idea of how entertainment is depleting in class and producing superficial hollow shits. Only biopics turn out to be meaningful, yeah? 

How are you letting Bollywood manipulate you?

You start a movie that has your favorite actors in casting. Ok good. The beginning is cool. Great. There comes a nice twist you’d never expected. Totally normal.

Now the actor does something contradiction to your nature. Action scene comes, the hero quotes – I am never afraid of anyone. And hero slaps his father for acting weirdly towards him. *Torches on the screen please* Family violence normalizes here. Wait, don’t go because picture abhi baki hai

The hero gets heartbreak and starts hooking up random girls to get over his eternal grief. Owwww, sad. He does this only because he had got hurt by a girl whom he approached *Kabir Singh intensifies*.

Kidnapping the girl from her wedding ceremony to marry her when both are in love with each other and portraying it so beautifully that nobody notices how miserable the parents of the girl get and that how terribly they lose their reputation. Getting the points? Good.

Come here, read more. 

No hero is well-educated in superhit movies. Did you ever try to note this thing? Education ethics are pathetically thrown on the side when it comes to flaming action and romantic chunks. Here goes the significance of education out of our vision. We watch irrelevant, illogical, unemotional and fictional lies. WITH AN UTTER INTEREST!

So, Should we stop watching Bollywood movies now?


“But why now, bruh?”

It’s because calm your tits a bit and keep reading. 

Every film has a trailer, a 2-3 line description on the internet and casting details. For holy Kabir Singh’s sake, check them first always!

Time is the most precious thing in the universe. Do not waste it on getting nonsense from stupid stuff. Either you can try doing a little research on an upcoming movie, check the details and rate it on the scale of 1-10 of how factual and important it will be to watch or you can grab the remote under your butt on the sofa, arrange the snacks, call the family & friends and binge the very first interestingly entitled movie that pops up on the screen. 

Choice is always yours.

You can choose between trash or real nutrition to feed your brain and make it more prominent than before. I am not saying that you should put most of your time in researching a movie but at least watch the trailer first and read that little review from ‘IMDB’ or other such websites.

Always remember that what you let your brain consumes is how you decide your life in the future. It’s as important as inhaling oxygen.

Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out.

~ Martin Scorsese

You didn’t tell us if Bollywood is underrated or overrated yet!

Well, buddy. Bollywood is neither overrated or underrated.

It’s the movies that are overrated or underrated! Mostly the paragons are neglected and gibberish stuff is embraced. Only deep and good people know what to appreciate and what not. Do not feel offended at this statement and feel down, please. *pat pat* Even intelligent people sometimes don’t get what is good for them and what is bad. It’s all about patience, knowledge, and granularity that how deep a person you are. Are you one of those who are satisfied with one after one releasing stupid action films or the one who knows how to avoid superficiality?

Note, also, that watching anything is not lethal or something. Being influenced in the wrong way without reasoning is. Don’t be idle. Go ahead and watch some cool stuff. Good luck with your next choice. 

P.S.: If any of the facts seemed like false opinions and you want to edit it, kindly comment below.

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Edits and feedbacks are always welcome 🙂

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